Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Kurry Up, home of pre-eminent Indian cuisine in Calgary

Indian cuisine in Calgary

While passing by an Indian restaurant situated in a busy street, have you ever inhaled the creamy aroma of the Indian cuisine? If yes, then it surely would have created hunger pangs in your tummy. The aroma of mildly cooked cuisine which is the fusion of sauted vegetables and diverse spices is humanly impossible to resist. Indian cuisine doesn’t need an introduction. This highly coveted cuisine is getting global acclamation rapidly.

The special attributes of Indian cuisine are just not limited to the diverse range of authentic spices, delightful sauces and taste enriched ingredients, but also a huge range of dishes to choose from.

Indian cuisine is incredibly diverse, all the 28 regions have their own specific ingredients, spices and cooking practices. The cuisine from the North is less spicy, with red and green chillies, saffron, ghee (or clarified butter) and yogurt used quite frequently.Dishes of the South typically contains black pepper, tamarind and coconut. Mustard is a quotidian ingredient in eastern cooking, and fish dishes are also more popular here. Western India, meanwhile, is a cosmopolitan region, which offers little of everything.

These special qualities establish Indian cuisine as the widely celebrated cuisine across the globe. Moreover, Indian specialties such as butter chicken, chicken tikka masala, butter naan, tandoori dishes and breads and kebabs are already on the lists of global foodies. The fact that there are more Indian restaurants than in London is adequate enough to portray the global vogue of Indian cuisine.

Treat your taste buds with the best Indian food in Calgary
If you love Indian cuisine and want to try the best of it, find your way to Kurry Up food truck, parked in downtown Calgary during lunch hours, located at 401 21 Ave NE This. Though the native dishes lose some of their authenticity once they go overseas, but chef Jassie Bakhshi, the head chef and the owner of Kurry Up food truck, brought the authentic North Indian dishes with their indispensable flavors and succulent taste to the streets of Calgary.Kurry Up serves Indian cuisine Calgary along with fusion dishes which add a local twist to satisfy the taste buds of native people here. One of the best-selling dishes is butter chicken, luscious dish which is cooked by marinating chicken with yogurt, cashew paste and butter, leaving a creamy texture. Chicken curry is another best-selling dish, which is cooked by combining tender chicken chunks and distinctive spices. Beef curry is a prominent dish, which is cooked with mild spices, rich sauces and beef chunks. Garlic naan is a bread cooked in tandoor, with the stuffing of grated juicy ginger. The authentic taste of ginger fused in the melted butter provides the best of Indian breads.

Kurry Up is fully equipped with world class equipment, along with the traditional Indian kitchen equipment tandoor. The biggest assets of Kurry Up are the world class chefs, who have experience and expertise in the field of more than a decade, led by head chef Jassie Bakhshi. Chef JassieBakhshi’s passion for the Indian cuisine escorted him here to Calgary. His cooking style consists the vast experience of over three decades. He has a past, dense in experience from luxury hotels and restaurants.

You could place your orders through phone call or could take them away if you happen to be nearby. Kurry Up also provides catering services, to cater to your party or get together needs.

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